The Oldtimer Centre® has been selling cars since 1994 and in that time we have helped thousands of people find the car of their dreams. Buying a car usually requires some form of finance so we have years of experience in getting the best finance deal for our customers.

5 Reasons why you should talk to us about your finance needs:

  1. Best Products: The lowest interest rate doesn’t always make the best product as you may be locked into an unsuitable product with very high early termination fees or other costs. We have access to an extensive range of finance products and can advise you on the best options for your situation.
  2. Best Service: We make the process as simple as possible for you, from your initial application through to the final settlement, we look after everything for you.
  3. Our history: We have been in business for over 23 years and have sold thousands of cars. Many of our customers keep coming back when they need to upgrade or buy an additional car because they trust us to look after their needs.
  4. We are independent. Most dealers will have an agreement with a single finance provider, so they can only offer a limited range of products. After extensive research, we chosen to be an agent for Auto Approve, which gives us access to a large range of banks and finance lenders allowing us to choose the best company and product to suit your circumstances and the car you are buying.
  5. No need to shop around: Why spend your days shopping around for finance – we have access to a range of lenders, we know their approval criteria and can have your finance fully approved the same day so you can relax knowing we have found you the best possible deal.

Looking to buy a car older than 5 years? Many finance companies will only deal with new or late model used vehicles purchased from a dealer, but with our long history of selling prestige and classic cars we can arrange finance on cars up to 20 years old. We can also help you with finance even if you’re not buying a car from us.

Buying as a company or an individual? Your finance options will largely depend on how you will be purchasing the vehicle – as an individual or as a sole trader / company. If you have an ABN as a sole trader or company and purchasing a vehicle for business use, your finance options will provide tax benefits and the ability to claim back GST.

As an individual buyer you will have access to a different range of finance products specifically suited to your circumstances. If you will be using the car partially or entirely for business purposes you will also be able to claim some of the finance, depreciation and running costs back on your annual tax return.

In either case, we can provide you with our recommendations but you should speak with your accountant for specific advice for your circumstances.

The following options are the most common types of finance arrangements, however we can also offer specialised financing options for more complicated requirements, such as low doc loans and bad credit loans.


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After purchasing several cars over the last decade I would recommend the team at Old Timers for their service advice and quality cars. Having used their in house finance on my most recent Audi just makes it easier all around, well done to Richard and his team.

James Russell

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